Twidd - Send Twitter DMs more efficiently with templates!

Yassine Zeriouh
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๐Ÿ”ฅ Create and use templates for your Twitter DMs and end the frustrating copy-paste cycle!

Sick of copying the same message again and again and then personalizing it? ๐Ÿ‘€

That's what Twidd is for - use templates and become more efficient in your Twitter DMs. Use [brackets] to quickly customize text when using templates in your DMs and toggle through them just by using the tab button ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Here's what @thecurlypreneur says about Twidd:

"I know it's going to save me so much time in the future, and it looks really clean as well!"

Current Features:

  • Create DM Templates and send direct messages more efficiently
  • Create merge tags ร  la "Hey [Name], I saw that you're working on [Product]" and fill them on the fly by using the tab button while composing a DM
  • Use magic merge tags to automatically fill names and more into DMs
  • No need for the Twitter API, or any subscription! It's super easy to use!

What you can expect in the future

  • "Bookmark" Twitter users and see them on Twidd
  • Write down notes about your bookmarked Twitter users
  • Export bookmarked Twitter users as CSV
  • Add follow-up reminders
  • Firefox, Edge, and Safari Support
  • ... and much more! The price will increase as features are added, so make sure you lock in the current price ๐Ÿ”’

Who am I, and why did I build Twidd?

I am Yassine, the founder of Testkit, a testing platform that works without code!
Earlier this year, I had to scale up cold DMs on Twitter, but the endless copy, paste, and edit cycle was just way too slow, so I built a small tool that lets me use templates for writing DMs (See the gif below) and posted it on Twitter. I got quite a lot of DMs since then, asking for the tool, so I decided to finish the extension and release it here on Gumroad! :)

Any questions? DM me on Twitter: @xyassini
Or contact me at

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Twidd - Send Twitter DMs more efficiently with templates!

3 ratings
I want this!